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There are a number of issues when it comes to immigration into Thailand which is well covered by the website Thailand Immigration. There are a number of visa options available when living or working in Thailand outside of a visa on arrival. We will break down the basics for you with regards to which visa is needed for what. We have also listed the issues such as bringing money to Thailand when living in Thailand.

Tourist Visa
This is a very popular visa in Thailand and one of the most issued visas from the Thai Embassies abroad. In Asia it has become very difficult to obtain this visa as the Thai government is claiming that the visa is being abused as expats are living in Thailand on tourist visas without applying for the correct or appropriate visa. You can still obtain a Thai visa from such Thai Embassies at the Thai Embassy in Hull even though they have now also clamped down on this visa. The Thai Embassy in Perth and the Thai Embassy in Auckland still issue then in their respective countries.

The tourist visa allows you to visit Thailand for a period of 60 days after which you can have this visa extended in Thailand for an additional fee for another 30 days. Once this has been extended you can apply for have it extended one last time for 7 days only. There is a fee of 1,900 Baht for each extension while in Thailand. You cannot apply for a work permit with this visa and once it has been extended there are not many options available with this visa. This visa is mainly for tourism and should not be used for anything else.

Marriage Visa
The Thai marriage visa is normally issued for 3 months and is valid for 3 months when you enter the country. This can be extended in Thailand if you meet the financial requirements for the visa. This will then be extended to a 1 year visa and you only need to report to immigration every 90 days with your latest home address in Thailand. The marriage visa is also called the “O” visa and its mainly if you are married to a Thai or have a Thai child in Thailand. Some expats who retired in Thailand normally switch from a retirement visa to a marriage visa as the requirements are lower. Speak to a lawyer about the options.

Retirement Visa
If you are older than 50 years of age then you can apply for a retirement visa. The visa is normally a 90 day visa when you enter Thailand. This is then extended in Thailand for a period of 12 months. This has to be renewed each year without leaving the country. The financial requirements are that you need to have an income of 65,000 Baht per month or a deposit in a Thai bank account of 600,000 Baht or a combination of the two. Once this has been issued you need only to report to immigration every 90 days.

Speak to our immigration lawyers in Bangkok today if you are visiting Thailand or are planning on living in Thailand. Let us help you stay in Thailand to start a business or to live with your Thai wife or simply to retire in Thailand.


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